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During the course of your employment, there may be times when you are not actively working but remain eligible for coverage under your employer's benefit plans. This can happen when you're on a leave of absence or when you retire (if your employer offers retiree benefits).

Because you are not actively working during these times, your employer can't deduct your share of your insurance premiums from your paycheck. That means you must submit payment to keep your coverage active.

UnifyHR and You

Our billing services help employers collect payment for insurance premiums from non-active employees. If your employer uses our billing services and you need to pay for coverage while not actively working, you will receive notices and other information from us. This information will explain what you need to do to keep your coverage.

Paying for Coverage When You're Not Working

More Information

We know you may have many questions about how premium billing works, so we've put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers to help you learn more. Click the button below to view our premium billing FAQs.

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