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Massachusetts Health Care Reform

Some employers are required to file 1099-HC forms with the state. We can help. 

Massachusetts Health Care Reform

The Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law requires that most residents over 18 maintain minimum creditable coverage (MCC) or pay a penalty through their tax returns.

The law also includes annual ACA-like reporting requirements for carriers and employers that provide MCC to an individual during a calendar year. These same insurance carriers and employers are required to distribute Forms MA 1099-HC to individuals who use the forms to complete their tax returns.

Most carriers will distribute MA 1099-HC forms and file information with the state on behalf of employers with fully insured plans.

Employers with self-insured plans or plans sitused outside of Massachusetts must distribute MA 1099-HC forms to employees annually, and report to the state by January 31st each year.

While many carriers distribute MA 1099-HC forms and report to the state, it is ultimately the employer’s responsibility to satisfy these obligations. Employers who fail to issue a Form MA 1099-HC may be subject to a $50 penalty per individual, up to a maximum of $50,000.

If you need to send forms and file in Massachusetts, we can help!

With UnifyHR, you get everything you need to meet your requirements, including:

  • Generate and distribute MA 1099-HC forms to Massachusetts residents
  • Electronic submission of MA 1099-HC information to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) electronically through MassTaxConnect.
  • Designated client manager, IT support, and management reports
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