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Go Paperless

Reduce the amount of paper you receive and help the environment - sign up today!
Help Us Reduce Paper Waste

Cut down on the number of paper notices you receive from us – and help the environment – by choosing to go paperless. When you do, you’ll receive a selection of notices via email, including your monthly payment reminders (we’re legally required to send certain notices by regular mail).

Signing Up is Easy

Ready to go paperless? Great! Enrolling in our paperless communications program is simple - just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click the Enroll in Paperless Communication link in the Welcome section of your homepage
  3. Welcome section of the UnifyHR participant homepage
  4. In the Sign Up to Go Paperless popup box, click the View Electronic Disclosure Notice link to read more about our disclosure policies and enrollment requirements
  5. Sign up to go paperless popup box
  6. After reading the disclosure notice, check the box to confirm that you have read the notice and elect to receive electronic communications
  7. Click Confirm to complete the process. You will receive an enrollment confirmation by email.

You're now enrolled in our paperless communications program. Congrats, and thank you!

We'll send you an email whenever you have a paperless-eligible communication. Click the link in the email to view the communication on our secure portal (you'll be prompted to enter your portal password to view the communication).

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