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Help Preserve ACA Filing Extensions

The IRS recently announced a 30-day extension for employers to file their 1095 info. But they also announced that this will be the last extension they grant unless they hear from people explaining why the extensions should continue. We believe the extended deadline is critical for employers. That’s why we’re asking you to join us […]

IRS Chief Counsel Determines That There Is No Statute of Limitations for ACA Penalties

The IRS recently released a memo from the Office of Chief Counsel that addresses how long the IRS has to assess ACA penalties. You can read a copy of the memo here. In short, the IRS has determined that there is no limit on the amount of time they have to assess ACA penalties. This […]

UnifyHR Adds COBRA Administration and Billing Services

UnifyHR, a leading provider of Affordable Care Act (ACA) administration and eligibility verification services, announced the addition of COBRA administration and Billing Services to their product portfolio. "We’re excited to add COBRA administration and premium billing services to our product portfolio," said Allen Gehrki, President and CEO of UnifyHR. "We’ve heard from many clients and […]

IRS Begins Enforcing ACA Employer Shared Responsibility Provision

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) contains a stipulation called the Employer Shared Responsibility Provision. This provision requires employers with more than 50 employees to offer affordable coverage to their employees. Failure to provide affordable coverage can lead to stiff penalties levied against employers as excise taxes. Up until now, the IRS has not enforced this […]

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